Product Description


SASM Steel are available in Ultra strong TMT 500W grades which are much stronger than ordinary steels and gives 20% stronger concrete structure with the same quantity of steel.

Thermal Stability

SASM Steels have high thermal stability unlike other ordinary steel. It can be used even at temperatures as high as 600°C without any loss of strength.

Bend Properties

SASM Steels possess excellent bendability due to the unique feature of uniform elongation.

Weld Properties

SASM Steels have very good weldability. They do not suffer from loss of strength at weld joints.

Corrosion Resistance

SASM Steels virtually shows no rusting even after a long time due to the absence of any residual stress.

Earthquake Proof

SASM Steels can be used in earthquake zones as its guarantees better elongation.

Fire Resistance

SASM Steels have higher thermal stability that makes it safer during fire hazards.


SASM Steels offer extra strength, which means more savings too. It saves upto 20% of your construction expense